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What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process to improve your website on different search engine ranking parameters to ensure better visibility in search engines and make the website usable, relevant for your targeted visitors and convert those visitors into customers to generate more leads from the website.

How SEO Services can help You to Grow Your Business Online?
Every Business is different. Challenges, competition, customer's expectation differs from business to business and place to place. We recognize your business idea, challenges, local competition, and customer's expectation on products and services that are offered by your business. This data is collected from various resources. We analyze the data, create requirement analysis and match your website accordingly. We suggest and optimize the changes required to make your website visitor friendly, and get better visibility in search engine in order to accelerate your online business.

SEO Friendly Webdesign requires make your Online Presence Successful:
What is your website loading time? How can you reduce it? Can search engine crawl all your inners pages easily? Have you optimized your Google webmaster central properly? There are several technical factors present that are required to review and optimize and make your website Design SEO friendly. We continuously monitor and upgrade your website on different search engine ranking parameters.

SEO Services for Keywords Ranking :
Website Ranking helps to increase visibility in search engine, but right keywords will increase targeted traffic and wrong keywords will increase your marketing cost with no returns. We analyze your business, competitors business to identify keywords which can drive traffic, generate business from your website.

Behind each keyword there is a specific intent of visitor; as internet marketer we will guide you on that. We will help you to identify which keywords can generate business and which keywords cannot .Then only you will receive proper visibility and successful online presence. Suppose you are an authorized car dealer of "mercedes benz" in cairo and your website is coming for keywords "mercedes benz wallpaper ", you will definitely get good amount traffic to your website but there is very little chance to get enquiry or lead from these traffic. Before deciding any keywords think from the visitor's intent, is your targeted keyword an answer to the visitor's query?

SEO Services for Lead and Conversion
Many of the website marketing activity suffering from high bounce rate, low conversion rate, because most of time we did not follow proper optimization techniques for conversion , usability test of landing pages , content optimization and choosing right SEO Company to optimize Website. In Splash we analyze data from Google Analytics , Google webmaster central , Bing webmaster tool to understand visitors behavior and improve your website on conversion optimization parameters to drive more business to your website .

Devising strategies and promotional plans

We conduct extensive, in-depth research on search engine parameters to provide you with the best possible services. The parameters include the placement of your website in the organic results page, content management, social media optimization, search engine marketing strategies, and Web designing techniques. Our Internet marketing services focus on your business requirements. We continuously work on new and improved online marketing plans that will have a beneficial effect on your commercial applications.

Strategic Planning For Internet Marketing

Management and integration of Internet marketing campaigns that make the best use of the resources available to you, and help you establish a strong brand presence In-depth competitor analysis Website optimization and necessary keyword research Management of all White Hat web marketing strategies Our web marketing services make it, easy to keep tabs on your expenses and ROI figures. We send monthly logged reports of your website, so you can gauge whether your investment strategies are going according to plan. Consistency, uniformity, and regular updates are vital for results-oriented website marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the act of gaining the website traffic or brand awareness through social media website. With a firm focus on content which manages to draw the attention of the targeted audience, the eventual aim is to make it a subject of discussion in the social networking platforms.

A platform accessible to the global populace, these social media podiums have managed to serve as the idyllic medium for expanding awareness levels. A feasible option for the companies to execute marketing strategies, these websites are gaining in preference in the corporate sphere. A host of advantages is attached with social media optimization which has been encouraging firms, both big and small to adopt this route.

A much improved customer communication to have, it directly enhances the treatment meted to the clients. Providing a perfect stage for client's feedback, it eventually leads up to a two way communication channel. An apt source for lead generation, it simultaneously brings advanced traffic to the website by promoting it in every social field. Helping in developing customer loyalty, the customer base automatically increases through this initiative.

splash specialises in all facets related to Social Media Marketing. Helping our clients develop a strong base in the World Wide Web through social networking, we take all the necessary steps for it. With the presence of relevant expertise in this sector, our efforts are directed towards giving the best possible benefits to the customer organisations through it.

Facebook – Banking on the worldwide popularity of this social platform, we effectively use it for garnering optimum alertness through it. Updating the customers with latest information about the company, the intention is to keep them in constant loop.

Facebook adverts – Facebook adverts are an addition of Facebook promotion which denotes the advertisement run in this social media. The adverts appearing on the left side of the page is an effective way of drawing the attention of the key demographics. Targeting on website promotion and fan page likes, it serves both purposes successfully.

Twitter – A social micro blogging website to work in, Twitter is a valuable avenue for increasing the brand attentiveness and spreading the latest vital information. Taking the favourable aspects of this medium, we work exhaustively here to give you the best of services.

Youtube – The biggest online video sharing community, Youtube experiences a large share of members to target at. Considering this aspect, we take the essential steps to give you the optimum exposure in this online media. Youtube adverts are an additional facet related to this platform which is also used for promotional activities.

LinkedIn – One of the largest professional social networking website, it carries immense potentiality to take forward your services. Using all the advertising possibilities available here, we give you an enhanced awareness level through this medium.

Pay per click Management

PPC is an Internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites to generate focused ads that come up only when a user types in a phrase that matches the services that fall into your business area. At Online Marketing Traffic, we can create and manage PPC Campaigns across all major providers, using our deep-rooted search engine skills to tailor campaigns for greatest impact.

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is Google's online advertisement platform that helps to drive interested people to your online channel or website. AdWords allow you to take advantage of billions of searches conducted in Google every day. You can set the geographic location, time zone & fixed budget, for your ad(s) to appear in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP), for the search queries. You don't need to pay for the display or impressions of your ad(s) in Google search; you will only be charged (per click) when interested visitors click on your ad. Google AdWords is one of the best advertising tools, especially for medium and small businesses where advertisement budget depends on ROI of advertisement.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is now part of our daily activity, it has 526 million daily active users and the no. of is growing enormously. You can monetize this opportunity and promote your brand among the targeted people more effectively. You can monetize the Facebook likes into marketing ROI with its effective targeting capabilities and social influence. An average of 3.2 billion Likes and Comments generated everyday in Facebook; you can easily calculate the size of opportunity income it can generate.

With our effective Facebook marketing strategy you will get viral brand awareness through Facebook fans, Facebook likes, Facebook events, Facebook application etc, which in turn increase your marketing return. We will help you to target audience based on their location, age and interests and emotional benefits that drive and influence the audience to create your brand fantasy.